The Blessing Of The Animals:  This hymn was commissioned for a St Francis Day service at St Matthew’s in the City. It was to cater for a cross-cultural, multi-faith congregation, unfamiliar with Christian hymnody.

Suggested tune: Auld Lang Syne

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The Blessing Of The Animals

Creator Spirit, source of life,
we give you thanks today
for animals that share our world,
for pets with which we play;
for whales and dolphins in the sea,
for tigers in the zoo,
for birds that sing and ducks that quack
we give our praise to you.

Great elephants and chimpanzees,
giraffes and camels too,
and special animals we love
are all good gifts from you.
Pets teach us by their trust in us
that they on us depend
to shelter, feed and water them
and to their needs attend.

As kind St Francis taught respect
for every living thing,
may we in turn take up the task
of  ending suffering.
Then people of the earth will treat
all animals with care
and make this world a safer place
for creatures everywhere.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall