Anniversary Hymn: : From A Singing Faith. Written to celebrate both the 80th anniversary of St Peter's Cathedral on Sunday 8 October, 1995 and also for the reunion marking the 95th anniversary of Mt Eden Methodist Church on 5 November, 1995.

Suggested tune: Luther (A&MR 366)

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Anniversary Hymn

We sing of love that through the years
    has strengthened, held and guided;
a love that has not faltered, failed,
    a gift to us confided.
As we, Christ's people, gather here
we share that love, that truth revere,
    by God inspired, provided.

We sing of faith that through the years
    has, like a lamp's flame glowing,
led us who seek to follow Christ,
    that true direction showing.
We tread the path our forbears trod
with confidence and trust in God,
    all-seeing and all-knowing.

We sing of hope that through the years
    has motivated, filled us
with zeal to spread the gospel call
    and bring to lives new purpose.
Your people feed, your Church revive,
help us to keep that hope alive,
    your cross our guiding compass.

We give you praise that in this church
    with thankfulness we're bringing
our joys, our sorrows, memories,
    our worship, offerings, singing.
Our lives to you we dedicate,
our voices lift to celebrate
    and set the heavens ringing.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall