Baptismal Hymn:  From A Singing Faith. As there is a shortage of appropriate hymns for what is a very significant occasion for the Church as well as for the family concerned, I wrote this, recalling the baptisms of our sons: Christopher, in the British Methodist Church at Rue Roquépine, Paris, Timothy and Jeremy at St Barnabas', Fendalton,  Christchurch, Stephen in St Peter's Cathedral, Armidale, NSW, and Andrew in St Paul's Cathedral, Wellington.

Suggested tune: Westminster Abbey, from H.Purcell (A&MR 574)

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Baptismal Hymn

Lord we bring this child for blessing,
        (to you we bring these children),
    you, the source of life and love;
may we feel your Holy Spirit
    rest upon her/him/them like a dove.
Guide and keep her/him/them, guard and hold her/him/them
    in your Church below, above.

Through the pouring of the water,
    by the cross signed on the brow
we are linked with all the baptised
    called by Christ of old and now.
Keep us loyal, trusting, faithful
    to our Church and to our vow.

As we gather in your presence,
    thanking you for mercies past,
may the joy of this occasion
    stay with us while life shall last.
Lead us onward, held and strengthened
    by your love so free, so vast.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall