New Beginnings:  From 11 Hymns. This hymn was commissioned by the Revd Vivienne Hill and is dedicated to her.

Suggested tune: Cross of Jesus, J. Stainer (AM&R 54)

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New Beginnings

God, companion of our journey,
        help in times of dark despair,
comforter in times of sadness,
    present in the joy we share.

Thanks we give for each new challenge,
    praise we sing for this new start.
Guide us in the path we’ve chosen,
    may your love-song fill our heart.

Lord of earth and sky and ocean,
    God of great and little things,
creatures furred and feathered know you,
    yours the tune the bellbird sings.

All creation bows before you,
    conscious of the life you give.
May aroha unify us,
    God in whom we move and live.

Take our lives and use our talents;
    give us freedom to explore
all the ways that we may serve you,
    trust and love you ever more.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall