Lord Be Born Again: From More Hymns.

Suggested tune: Quem Pastores, (A&MR 456)

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Lord Be Born Again

Lord, incarnate in our being,
you our every action seeing,
from our fear of failure freeing,
    Lord in us be born again.

Christ for us our burdens bearing,
you, our daily problems sharing,
reassuring, guiding, caring,
    Lord in us be born again.

May we live on you relying,
you our need of faith supplying,
courage give when hope is dying;
    Lord in us be born again.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow,
time we search for, moments borrow;
through each hour of joy or sorrow,
    Lord in us be born again.

May we see Christ in each other,
loving all as sister, brother,
thus affirming one another;
    Lord in us be born again.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall