Christ, Hope Of The Earth: from Additional Hymns.  This hymn, which takes the Lord's Prayer for its theme, has two settings, written by friends. Len Schroeder, a retired Methodist minister  composed the first tune; the tune Iffley was composed by Anita Banbury. Iffley is the village, now within the City of Oxford, England, where she spent her childhood.

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If you would prefer to follow the tune and text on paper you may download a PDF file of this hymn by clicking on either LS or AB

For permission to perform or reproduce this hymn, or for enquiries regarding the purchase of Hymns For All Seasons, please contact Jocelyn  and Anita or Len

Christ, Hope Of The Earth

Christ, hope of the earth,
people of every age, language and race
honour and praise you,
a king from your birth.
Hallowed your name.

Christ, strength of the weak,
you who saw racism, hunger, despair,
guide those who protest,
empower those who speak.
Give daily bread.

Christ, healer of pain,
friend of the outcast, those burdened with grief,
loving, upholding,
bring healing again.
Your will be done.

Christ, Lord of your Church,
give us the courage to hold fast the faith;
love as you love us,
support those who search.
Save us from sin.

Christ, God's holy son,
light of the world with your gospel of peace,
gather us to you,
that all may be one.
Your kingdom come.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008