Commemoration Hymn:  From Additional Hymns.     Commissioned by the combined churches  for the 150th anniversary of Howick and Districts, Auckland, 1997.

Suggested tune: Darwall's 148th, J Darwall (A&MR 371)

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Commemoration Hymn

We sing your praise O God,
who, through the passing years
has led your faithful flock
through troubles, triumphs, tears.
    for decades long
    within this place
    amazing grace
    has been our song.

You are our strength, our hope,
that rock on which we stand;
the seeds of justice, truth
were sown upon this land
    by those who came
    your Word to preach,
    baptise and teach
    in Jesus' name.

Our predecessors toiled
their vision to fulfil,
by faith they conquered doubts;
we hear their voices still.
    Your light they  spread.
    Their work ensures
    Christ's Church endures,
    for years ahead.

Inspire us with your love,
unite us in our prayer.
Give guidance to us all
as we in worship share,
    so, in our lives,
    the love we bring,
    the song we sing
    from you derives.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall