Communion Hymn:  From A Singing Faith.

Suggested tune: Eucharisticus, J.Stainer (A&MR 418)

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Communion Hymn

Hear the words of Jesus
    to his people: "Where
two or three are gathered,
    I am with them there."
See the table readied,
    bread and wine prepared.
Come in glad remembrance
    as the meal is shared.

Joining in communion
    with his Church world-wide,
this the act that binds us
    to Christ crucified.
Jesus, dead and risen,
    present with us here
as we share his love-feast,
    knowing he is near.

Bread of life to nourish,
    wine to celebrate:
symbols of his suffering,
    signs to meditate.

Lord, we seek your blessing
    for the days ahead.
Guide our thoughts and actions,
    let your love be spread.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall