Confirmation Hymn:  From A Singing Faith. The Rt Revd Bruce Moore, Regional Bishop of Auckland suggested I write a new confirmation hymn

Suggested tune: Stella,  (A&MR 203)

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Confirmation Hymn

Confirmed in faith, affirmed by love,
we set out on the Christian way.
The journey's long, and steep the path
but strength is given as we pray.
We follow where the saints have trod,
your cross, our compass, points to God.

Renewed in hope, imbued with grace,
our lives in Christ take on new goals;
baptismal vows spelled out our course,
defined for us God-given roles.
But now our promises are made,
we will fulfil them with your aid.

Inspire us Lord, fire us with zeal
to serve with joy your Church on earth.
We dedicate our talents, skills,
each special gift we have of worth,
to spread your message, speak your name,
light round the world a holy flame.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall