Christ Crucified: From A Singing Faith

Suggested tune: Annue Christe, La Feillée (A&MR 505)

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Christ Crucified

The time of bitter suffering begins once more;
we share the shame and anguish which our Saviour bore,
remembering our sins that he is dying for,
and following to Calvary we kneel, adore.

O agony of spirit, yet imbued with grace;
he gave his life for others on that fearful place.
Can love like that poured out for us our debt replace?
we look with awe and wonder at his radiant face.

While watching still in silent penitence, we see
profound concern for others, his humanity,
his reaching out to all the world from Calvary –
such sacrifice for humankind, love's mystery.

Thus may we catch a glimpse of his undying care,
his reconciling loving for us all to share –
The cross, eternal symbol of his suffering there,
with crown of thorns as insult on his tangled hair.

Help us to keep before us as we go from here,
this miracle of giving, overcoming fear,
remembering our Lord who holds us ever near:
Christ crucified, then risen, whom we love, revere.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall