An Easter Carol: From A Singing Faith. The Rev Francis Foulkes conducted the three hour devotion at St. Peter's Cathedral on Good Friday, 1994. His emphasis on Christ's poverty resonates in this carol. Peg de Winton has composed a setting for it.

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An Easter Carol

Prophet, priest, teacher and king,
    born into poverty,
    fear and uncertainty,
    helpless, a refugee
        from Herod's rule.

Treasures: gold, incense and myrrh,
    gifts of amazing worth,
    fit for a royal birth,
    yet placed on trodden earth,
        where Christ was born.

Homeless, itinerant, poor,
    poor for all of his days,
    though rich in countless ways,
    setting the world ablaze -
        God's chosen son.

Feared and rejected, despised;
    healing, the sick to save,
    speaking, to calm the wave,
    loving, his life he gave,
        a ransom for all.

Naked, bruised, bleeding and torn,
    nailed on a cross to die,
    "Crucify him" the cry;
    "Forgive them" his reply,
        our dying Lord.

Jesus, example and friend,
    give strength to those who fall,
    hope to the lost who call;
    come, bringing love to all,
        our risen Lord.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008