Evening Hymn:  From A Singing Faith. For Lana Peat who wanted some new words for this lovely tune.

Suggested tune: Innsbruck (A&MR 34)

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Evening Hymn

O God, our voices singing
with thankfulness are bringing
to you this hymn of praise.
Your presence ever near us
to challenge, comfort, cheer us,
your Spirit guiding all our days .

       As evening shadows lengthen
God, be with us and strengthen
    our faith and trust in you;
your love be our protection,
your word be our direction,
your light illumine all we do.

With night's deep peace descending,
a benediction sending
    upon our day's work done,
may we, awake or sleeping
know we are in your keeping
until our earthly race is run.

New day with fresh hope dawning
brings promise, with the morning,
    that we are in your care.
Your spirit in us dwelling,
your message to us telling
of hope for all the world to share.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall