Franciscan Founders: This hymn was commissioned by Brother Christopher John Masters for the Order to use when celebrating their founders.

Suggested tune: St Peter, Reinagle (A&MR 13).

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Franciscan Founders

We sing the praise of  Founders all
     who toiled without reward;
their lives lived in simplicity,
     their model Christ the Lord.

As brothers, sisters called to serve
     they  answered  Christ's  clear call
to live his gospel, pray and preach
     and raise up those who fall.

They served the least, the lost, the last
     and shunned all worldly praise;
sufficient that they wore the cross
     St Francis bore always.

Franciscans all, we strive to be
     examples of his life.
We take a vow of poverty,
     refuse dissension, strife.

We walk the road with all we meet,
     the poor, the homeless, weak,
we give them hope, we share their pain
     and listen when they speak.

We show them Christ, his love for all,
     who understands their needs.
St Francis followed where  Christ led -
     a sower planting seeds.

May we in turn take up the cross.
     tread where our Founders trod,
pursue the goal of holiness,
     the way that leads to God.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2012