Given To God:  From A Singing Faith. Written as a tribute to Christine McIntosh, a member of the Cathedral parish family, who died on 31 July 1995. The hymn was sung in a packed cathedral at her funeral. The tune Saffron Walden I chose because it is named after the beautiful town in England where my French Huguenot forbears settled, and where, because of this family link, and also its proximity to Cambridge University, Fred and I lived for several months in 1989-90.

Suggested tune: Saffron Walden, A.H.Brown (A&MR 120

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Given To God

Receive O Lord this child of yours;
the body left, the spirit soars,
free of the ills and pain endured,
    transformed, new life assured.

        This was a life well-lived and true,
constant in faith and service too,
seeking to help, support, ensure
    values of worth endure.

You are our inspiration, friend,
teacher, sustainer without end.
After the darkness you bring dawn,
    promise of hope reborn.

Be with us as we journey still;
memories abound and always will,
such was the love that she/he outpoured
    to us, and to her/his Lord.

Comfort our grief, relieve our pain;
ours is the loss, for her/him the gain.
Held by your love may we all be,
    now and eternally.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall