God of Music:From 11 Hymns. Dedicated to Dr Rachael Griffiths Hughes, Director of Music at St Peter’s Cathedral, Director of the Hamilton Civic Choir and lecturer in music at the  University of Waikato

Suggested tune: All Saints (A&MR 570)

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God of Music

God of music, God of laughter –
    of the now and of hereafter;
God in sorrow, God in grieving,
    truth beyond our minds’ conceiving,
God within and God around us,
    with your certainty surround us

    God in silence, God in speaking,
    you the hope our world is seeking,
God creating, God upholding,
    in your hands our lives enfolding,
Peace that passes comprehension,
    heals, restores, resolves dissension.

Love supreme and love unending,
    self-denying, all-expending,
God in Christ a pattern giving
    as our goal in daily living,
Wisdom’s source, mind’s inspiration
    Yours the heartbeat of creation.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall