Golden Carol: From A Singing Faith. As we travelled by car for a week's holiday in November 1995, I thought that the golden flowering broom and gorse along the roadside seemed to reflect the joy of the approaching Christmas season. When we returned home I wrote this carol, which Fred sent by e-mail to Archdeacon Reg Nicholson as an example of New Zealand creativity. He in turn transmitted it on the Internet to the world-wide Anglican network, generating an amazing response, and subsequently used it in the St Aidan's, Claudelands carol service. Haeremai is the Maori word for “Welcome

Suggested tune: Crüger (A&MR 219)

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Golden Carol

Along the roadside edges
    in gullies and on hills
the gorse and broom make hedges,
    and golden blossom spills
on grass and dusty paddock –
    a carpet gold on earth
spread out, a welcome making
    to summer and Christ's birth

  The sheep are seeking shelter
    from breathless noonday heat,
while cattle search for trees' shade
    and birds to nests retreat.
But now, throughout the heavens
    the angels' song is poured;
of peace, goodwill they're singing
    to praise the new-born Lord.

With perfumed flowers we'll meet him,
    the lily and the rose;
with joyful carols greet him
    as expectation grows
of golden Christmas season
    for city, country, beach.
The love song of the Christ child
    to all the world will reach

Come people – children, parents,
    look! See the star appear.
Light candles, give your presents.
    The festive season's here.
Let's join in adoration
    and celebrate this birth;
sing haeremai, and welcome
    the King of heaven to earth.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall