The Grace: From More Hymns.

Suggested tune: Vox dilecti, J.B.Dykes (A&MR 351)

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The Grace

We sing the grace of Jesus Christ
    unlimited and free;
that grace abundantly poured out
    on all the world, and me.
The gift of grace which we receive
    is like the morning dew,
revitalising, cleansing, pure,
    the source of strength anew.

We sing the endless love of God
    unquestioning and free,
That love abundantly bestowed
    on all the world, and me.
The gift of love which we receive
    is like communion wine,
restoring, satisfying, shared,
    a mystery divine.

We sing the fellowship we have,
    the Holy Spirit's gift;
that fellowship on all bestowed
    which heals each hurt and rift.
The gift of fellowship received
    is like the living bread,
Christ's endless gift, the vital food
    with which our souls are fed.

As through the ages people prayed
    for God's enabling power
so we, each day, are made aware
    of guidance, hour by hour.
The grace and love which nourish us,
    the bread which we receive,
sustain, enable, reinforce
    the faith that we believe.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008