Harvest Home: From A Singing Faith. On this day the Dean encouraged all parishioners to bring along items which displayed their particular talents; a harvest of all our gifts for the Festival.

Suggested tune: Trisagion, H Smart (A&MR 288)

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Harvest Home

God of the harvest and God of the field,
offerings we bring you, the late summer's yield –
fruit from the orchard, the food we have made,
flowers we've picked, to your glory displayed.

God of our intellect, God of our skill,
use all our talents to further your will –
music and painting proclaiming your word;
in all creation your message is heard.

God of the craftsperson, writer and priest,
homemaker, gardener, greatest or least,
you who find worth in the humblest of gifts,
your strength upholds us, your vision uplifts.

We have been given a heritage bright –
beauty of nature a constant delight,
cherished traditions and knowledge acquired,
teachers, researchers whom you have inspired

Take then this harvest of heart, mind and toil,
use it, renew it, keep fertile the soil
wherein we labour and nourishment find:
products of garden and fruits of the mind.

Christ, we receive in the bread and the wine
grain from the wheatfield and grapes from the vine,
Lord of the harvest, hands empty we came,
fill them, renew us, your love to proclaim.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall