Called to High Office:  From A Singing Faith. This was written for and dedicated to Sir Michael Hardie Boys, a friend from student days and then later in Wellington, when in 1995 the announcement of his appointment as New Zealand's next Governor-General was made. As in earlier years he had links with the Boys' Brigade, I managed to incorporate their motto ‘Sure  and Stedfast’ into the third verse! NB ‘Stedfast’ is a historic spelling  which the Boys’ Brigade proudly retains.

Suggested tune: : Tallis (A&MR 78)

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Called To High Office

God, this your servant you have called
    to hold an honoured place;
give him/her your gifts of wisdom, strength,
    its challenges to face.

Give him/her assurance of your peace
    in times of strife and stress,
the knowledge that your guiding hand
    will lead, uphold and bless.

So, sure and stedfast may he/she be
    when obstacles arise;
inspire his/her judgement, give that grace
    which faith in you supplies.

We pray to you as citizens
    of this Pacific land
for leaders of integrity,
    for policies well-planned.

May we fulfil our callings too;
    use all our talents, skill
to live our lives at home, at work,
    according to your will.

Unite us all in common goals
    activities of worth,
that peace and justice may prevail
    in every place on earth.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall