Holy Days All Year:  From A Singing Faith.

Suggested tune: All things bright and beautiful, W.H.Monk (A&MR 442)

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Holy Days All Year

God be thanked for holidays,
    to mountain, beach or lake,
happy and creative days,
    adventures, friends we make.

For kayaks on the water,
    for surfing, swimming, walks,
for quiet times reflecting,
    for listening, reading, talks.

        God be thanked ...

  For sunset sky at evening,
    the freshness of new day,
pohutukawas crimson,
    and children's fun-filled play.

        God be thanked ...

In all we find your presence;
    the fellowship we share
is like a benediction
    that follows after prayer.

        God be thanked ...

We ask that you will guide us;
    in loving kindness hear –
transform the days you give us
    to holy days all year.

        God be thanked ...

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall