Hymn For St Aidan: From Additional Hymns. Written for the 60th anniversary of St Aidan's Church, Claudelands, Hamilton, and dedicated to its clergy and people

Suggested tune: St Agnes, J.B.Dykes (A&MR 515)

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Hymn For St Aidan

Aidan, Iona's special monk,
    holy in word and deed,
called to convert, baptise and preach
    and by example, lead.

Holy the island, Lindisfarne,
    where Aidan prayed and taught,
spurning all comfort, fame, reward,
    learning and health he brought.

Tending the sick with gentleness,
    and to the poor a friend,
giving his all despite the cost;
    missionary to the end.

He was committed, humble, strong,
    faithful he lived and died.
Through his devotion, prayer, and hope,
    many were sanctified.

Chad, among others, taught by him,
    followed his godly ways.
teacher, disciple, bishop, saint,
    this holy life we praise.

Aidan our patron, loved of God,
    true to the gospel creed
may we recall the life you lived.
    yours is the faith we need

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall