Hymn For St Andrew: From Additional Hymns. Written for St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, where as a child in Sunday School, I first experienced the joy of hymn-singing

Suggested tune: Caithness, Scottish Psalter (A&MR 326)

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Hymn For St Andrew

Christ called as followers, fishermen
    who worked in Galilee.
Andrew, the first to leave his nets,
    obeyed Christ's "Follow me."

He bade farewell to family, friends,
    to face uncertainty –
staking his all on Jesus' call,
    he followed willingly.

His brother, Simon, joined the team,
    two of Christ's twelve were they,
assigned to teach, to heal and preach,
    they learned to watch and pray

We in our workplace, home or school,
    still strive to love and serve,
to live  as Christ would have us live,
    to give without reserve.

Keep us, like Andrew, strong, resolved
    to spread Christ's way of peace,
to bear the cross that reconciles,
    so hatred, conflict cease.

That all the world will turn to God
    must be the Church's aim;
may we like Andrew follow Christ,
    his way of love proclaim.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall