Hymn For St Barnabas: From Additional Hymns. Commissioned by the Revd Vivienne Hill, Glenfield, Auckland, and dedicated to her.

Suggested tune: Angelus  (A&MR 20)

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Hymn For St Barnabas

Christ, you are with us in this church;
hold us within your outstretched arms.
Your truth is given when we search,
your peace our restless spirits calms.

As Barnabas, our patron saint,
helped Paul your gospel message spread,
may we like Mark without  complaint
follow with joy the way he led.

Encouraging the faint of heart,
and generous with all his gifts,
affirming, eager to impart
that giving in itself uplifts.

Thus Barnabas, beloved and good,
a man devoted to his Lord,
sets an example that we should
live  each with each in true accord.

God, give to us your gift of grace,
that love may be our sign, our song;
may we see Christ in every face,
and for the weak may we be strong.

Equip us as we go from here
your words to speak, your work to do,
your presence with us always near
to guide our steps, our faith renew

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall