Hymn for Waitangi Day:Dedicated to the Revd Peter Lord Cowell at whose suggestion I wrote this hymn on the occasion of the 2011 Royal School of Church Music Summer School, Hamilton.

Suggested tune: Ode to Joy by Beethoven.

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Hymn for Waitangi Day

This, a day of glad thanksgiving
    for a treaty signed and sealed,
giving credence to our country
    by true partnership revealed:
Aotearoa's beaches
    forests, rivers, mountains, lakes,
Gifts of God for our enjoyment,
    treasures shared for all our sakes.

    Though we live in peace and plenty
    there is more work to be done:
justice must be even-handed,
    healing former wounds begun.
May our children all be cherished,
    taught in ways that make them strong,
Live their lives in tranquil freedom,
    Hope their vision, love their song.

God was present at Waitangi
    all those many years ago;
God is with us still to guide us
    as our faith and knowledge grow;
Maori, Pakeha together,
    listening, learning, all involved,
planning for a peaceful future,
    tensions lessened, doubts resolved.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2011