Hymn For An Installation:  From More Hymns. Written for the installation on August 10, 2002, of Father Ian Hanley as Dean of the Waikato Cathedral Church of St Peter, Hamilton. It is dedicated to him.

Suggested tune: Strength and Stay, J.B.Dykes (A&MR 123)

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Hymn For  An Installation

God of conclusions and of new beginnings
    guiding us through each changing stage of life,
give us the light that shows the path to follow,
    help us seek peace wherever there is strife.

May this beginning be a source of blessing
    to all who gather in this sacred place,
that those who search for answers to their questions
    may find assurance in God’s gift of grace.

May this your servant be to us as shepherd
    leading us all as members of Christ’s flock
and like St Peter, tested and yet faithful,
    be strong, supportive, steadfast as a rock.

Give us your people warmth and understanding,
    sharing our talents, giving of our skill,
living in love and serving one another,
    Christ as our guide, his gospel to fulfil.

Give us the will to translate faith to action,
    striving for justice, peace and unity,
so that the world may see Christ’s light as beacon,
    bringing us all to true community.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall