Hymn For St James: From A Singing Faith

Suggested tune: Slane (with upbeat eg Hymns For Today 10)

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Hymn For St James

Down through the ages we honour the names
of saints who have served you –apostles like James.
Called forth from his fishing to follow his Lord,
his nets he discarded, your love his reward.

Fisherman humble, no scholar or priest,
a vision you gave him for greatest and least:
a gospel of healing, of grace, free for all,
a love all-embracing for those whom you call.

Spurning all danger, he fearlessly taught,
a fisher of people until he was caught,
condemned and beheaded, a martyr in death,
devoted, outspoken while God gave him breath.

Christ, you have called us to follow you too,
your footsteps to walk in, your work here to do.
Like James may we trust you to counsel and guide;
disciples together by God sanctified.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall