Hymn For St John: From Additional Hymns. Dedicated to the Very Revd Arthur J Grimshaw, formerly Dean of St John's Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane

Suggested tune: Lux Eoi,  Sir A. Sullivan  (A&MR  137)

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Hymn For St John

John, beloved of Christ's disciples,
    mystic, scholar, faithful friend,
journeyed closely with his master,
    served and loved him to the end.
At the place of crucifixion
    John stood by in dark despair,
heard his Lord forgive the guilty –
    those whose judgements cast him there.

On the cross a dying Jesus,
    knowing that his work was done,
turned his eyes upon his mother,
    saying, "Woman, see  your son."
Then to John, "Behold your mother."
    she became then as his own.
With these words of affirmation
    Jesus' love for John was shown.

After Jesus' resurrection
    John, apostle, spread the Word,
telling of a living Saviour,
    making sure Christ's voice was heard.
From that upper-room appearance
    grief and doubt were laid aside.
John, evangelist and teacher,
    walked with Jesus as his guide.

John, God's gracious gift to history,
    gives his witness down the years.
Through his writings, revelation
    of Christ's ministry appears:
All to be as one united
    in God's love for humankind.
From the vision John was given
    light and life and joy we find.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall