Lambeth Hymn:  From Additional Hymns. Dedicated to the Most Revd George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, on the occasion of his visit to the Waikato Diocese, New Zealand; and also to his Lambeth Chaplain, the Most Reverend Roger Herft, now Archbishop of West Australia and formerly Bishop of Waikato.

Suggested tune: Russian Anthem, A.Lvov (A&MR 491)

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Lambeth Hymn

Gathered together in Christian communion,
    drawn from the farthest-flung reaches of earth,
dialogue, prayer forge the bonds that unite us,
    strengthen commitment which gives hope rebirth.

Called to be guardians of cherished traditions
    faithful to values that time can't destroy,
seeking God's wisdom for all our decisions,
    singing with spirit of freedom, truth, joy.

We ask your pardon for sins we've committed,
    judgements too hasty and times when we've erred;
keep us responsive to Christ's presence with us,
    guiding discussions, revealing his word.

Be with your Church at a new era's dawning,
    tasks which confront us, clear targets in sight;
may we reach further, take Christ's message nearer
    those still in darkness and searching for light.

Praise to you, God, for still calling to serve you
    men, women, children from all round the world.
Thanks for Christ's gospel which brings us together,
    may we go forth with love's banner unfurled.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall