Love's Legacy:   From Additional Hymns. Written  at the request of Dean Keith Lightfoot for  a service held at St Peter's Cathedral on Wednesday September 3, 1997, in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales. The service was broadcast live by Radio NZ.

Suggested tune: : St Agnes, J.B.Dykes (A&MR 515)

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Love's Legacy

How can we question, how discern
    God's purpose for us all?
Guided through life, we face with faith
    death's final curtain call.

We cannot comprehend or know
    what new life springs from death –
sufficient for our grieving minds
    that God is health and breath.

As in all lives dark leads to day
    and pain gives way to peace,
so may our grieving dissipate,
    sorrow and sighing cease.

May we resolve to live on earth
    so that when we depart
we may leave as a legacy
    riches of mind and heart.

Love was the essence of this life,
    seeking out those in need,
being a voice for those whose pain
    the world chose not to heed.

Keep such a memory in our minds
    of beauty, care, concern,
that in our hearts, our homes, our world
    Love's light will ever burn.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall