Limitless Love: From A Singing Faith. Based on one of Emeritus Dean Keith Lightfoot’s sermons.

The suggested tune is : Was lebet, Rheinhardt Ms. (A&MR 77)

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Limitless Love

God of infinity, God of humanity,
    Giver, Creator, your likeness we seek:
faith, hope and charity blended in unity,
    guiding our actions, the words that we speak.

Give us the faith that your presence is everywhere
    as it has been with your saints through the years:
faith that moves mountains, encouraging, strengthening,
    binding together, dispelling our fears.

Give us the hope that your kingdom will come on earth;
    bloodshed, oppression and famine will cease;
hope that your children will live in tranquillity,
    conflict be ended, the world be at peace.

Give us the greatest of all of your attributes,
    charity boundless, that seeks no reward;
love unconditional, love that is limitless,
    love like the wine of the Sacrament poured.

God universal and God of the personal,
    Source of all wisdom, Sustainer and Friend,
Spirit intangible, incomprehensible,
    Love without limit and Life without end.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008