Nelson Cathedral's 150th:   From More Hymns. Dean Charles Tyrrell of Nelson Cathedral, New Zealand, commissioned me to write a hymn for the 150th Anniversary celebrations for the weekend of 13 – 15 December, 2001. The name of the hill on which the Cathedral stands is Piki mai (‘Come up hither’), hence the reference in verse 5 and the name of the tune Charles wrote for the hymn. When it was filmed and presented for the first time on the “Praise Be” programme of December 9, he himself played the organ to accompany the singing by the congregation.

Suggested tune: : Russian Anthem, A.Lvov (A&MR 491)

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If you would prefer to follow the tune and text on paper you may download a PDF file of this hymn.

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Nelson Cathedral's 150th

Praise be to God for the years of rich harvest,
    blessings bestowed on Christ’s church in this place;
praise for the saints who have toiled without question,
    living their lives in the strength of God’s grace.

Here we remember with joy and thanksgiving
    those with a vision to build and sustain
through times of trial, their faith sorely tested;
    this church bears witness, their trust we maintain.

We are the keepers of valued traditions,
    guardians of treasures whose stories unfold.
God is the giver of all that is holy,
    gifts of the Spirit, more precious than gold.

May we be faithful, untiring in worship,
    prayerful, supportive, obeying God’s word,
people committed to giving and serving;
    Christ on our lips so his gospel is heard.

Piki mai, haere mai, gathered together
    here on this hilltop, new life we receive.
Hither we come now, by God’s love united;
    all one in Christ that the world may believe.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall