Ordination Hymn:  From Additional Hymns.

Suggested tune: Liebster Jesu, J.R.Ahle, harmony J.S. Bach, (A&MR 408)

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Ordination Hymn

God is with us as we stand
gathered for this ordination,
people from throughout the land
joining in the dedication.
This a day with joy awaited,
through long years anticipated.

Chosen, trained to be ordained
in the service of the Master;
faith received, with joy proclaimed,
to Christ's flock a caring pastor,
teaching, preaching, leading others,
seeing all as sisters, brothers.

At this time of unity,
bishop(s), priests and people praying
for our church, community,
may we live the words we're saying.
Be to us the love light guiding
through the years with grace abiding.

May we be Christ in the world,
show his love to every nation,
lift his banner, high unfurled,
answering our true vocation.
Strengthen us for our commission –
spread the gospel, this our mission.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall