Our Breath, Our Life: From Additional Hymns. Dedicated to the Revd Marcus Edwards, formerly assistant priest at the Waikato Cathedral Church of St Peter, Hamilton.

Suggested tune: Quam dilecta, Bishop H.L.Jenner,  (A&MR 242)

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Our Breath, Our Life

O God, you come to us
before we come to you.
Your grace, on us outpoured,
transforms and makes us new.

We seek you as we read;
we search to find your way,
then recognise again
your presence as we pray.

You are our breath, our life,
our strength when we are weak.
Your thoughts give birth to ours,
you form the words we speak.

Beyond the realms of time,
unlimited by space,
encompassing all life,
you meet us face to face.

You undergird our lives;
our griefs, our joys are yours.
Your love, so freely given
heals, unifies, restores.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall