Our Constant Goal: From A Singing Faith.

Suggested tune: Ibstone, Maria Tiddeman (A&MR 356)

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Our Constant Goal

O mystery divine:
held firmly, yet set free,
poor, though in blessings rich,
blind, yet with powers to see,

Deaf, but your call we hear,
dumb, though your words we speak,
slow, yet with haste we come,
strong now, when we were weak.

Led through the valley's depths
we mountain heights attain;
dependent on your help,
we independence gain.

Keep us within your care
when we stray far from you;
find us when we are lost;
direct what we should do.

So throughout all our lives
God, be our constant goal;
your way the path we tread,
your love that makes us whole

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall