Hymn For St Paul: From A Singing Faith.

Suggested tune: Regent Square, H.Smart (A&MR 279)

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Hymn For St Paul

Saul, the feared, self-righteous zealot,
    persecutor of Christ's flock –
Saul, transformed to Paul, apostle
    firmly based upon that Rock
where the Church of God triumphant
    stands secure through storm and shock.

Paul the saint, the scholar, preacher,
    called by Christ to lead and teach:
may the Church, through his example
    spread your gospel, far outreach
with the Holy Spirit guiding,
    leading action, prompting speech.

When Damascus lies before us
    as we journey on life's road,
when uncertain, lost, misguided,
    lead us by your light bestowed,
blind before, now seeing clearly,
    fears unburdened, gone our load.

May we on this patron saint's day
    contemplate the life of Paul,
saint, apostle, prophet, martyr,
    answering his Master's call,
fearing neither death nor suffering,
    preaching Christ to one and all.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008