The Priceless Treasure: From A Singing Faith. Dedicated to my sister Helen Laurenson, at whose suggestion I wrote these words when we shared the joy of finding a precious piece of jewellery, lost for several months.

Suggested tune: St Stephen, W.Jones (A&MR 52)
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The Priceless Treasure

Rejoice with us for we have found
    a treasure of great cost,
of value indescribable,
    faith found, yet never lost.

The greatest riches earth bestows
    fade with the passing years;
their lustre dulls, the pleasure wanes,
    their loss results in tears.

But God has given a greater gift
    than ever earth can give.
Through Christ's redemption we are rich
    when in his light we live.

The certainty that we are loved,
    the Christian hope we share,
the bonds of fellowship we forge
    are jewels beyond compare.

With thankful hearts we dedicate
    our lives, enriched by you.
May we glow, sparkle, radiate,
    reflect a vision new.

Help us to share spontaneously
    your good news all around:
that golden gift, that priceless pearl,
    that lasting faith we've found.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall