Christ, Protector Of The Children: From Additional Hymns. Written for a memorial service held at St Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton, on Sept 15, 1996, for the children who had died in New Zealand over the preceding year as a result of abuse.

Suggested tune: Stuttgart, C F Witt (A&MR 76)

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Christ, Protector Of The Children

Lord, we pray you, save all children
    from abuse, disease, despair.
May they grow by love surrounded,
    held within your boundless care.

        Give to parents wisdom, patience,
    courage in their testing role;
guide those offering help and counsel,
    making broken families whole.

Christ, you suffered with the suffering,
    felt their sorrow, healed their pain;
your compassion is our model;
    bless our work, our strength sustain.

       May we, in our various callings,
    be alert to children's need,
open doors of hope and safety,
    seek the lost, the hungry feed.

Bring back smiles to frightened faces;
    give to fragile bodies health;
may the joy of happy children
    be of greater gain than wealth.

       Christ, protector of the children,
    liberator, teacher, friend,
keep us watchful, wise, supportive –
    children's lives on us depend.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall