Pukerangiora: From 11 Hymns. Pukerangiora ‘the Hill of the Healing Heavens’ is the name of the site of St Peter’s Cathedral, Hamilton. The Archbishop, David Moxon hummed the tune of a hymn for me to identify; after much searching we realised that it was no hymn but the Sanctus from Schubert’s “German Mass”.  So I wrote a Cathedral hymn to the tune, which is dedicated to him as the source of the inspiration.

Please press the red title to hear a MIDI recording of this tune, and then re-open this window to read the poem while listening.

If you would prefer to follow the tune and text on paper you may download a PDF file of this hymn.

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    gift to earth from heaven,
hill of Christian worship,
    where new life is given;
here the Church bears witness
    as the years roll by,
faithful to Christ’s gospel
    words that never die.

Here our prayers are offered
    on this sacred ground;
life and love and learning
    in this place abound.
May aroha* bind us
    in one family,
woven like the flax strands
    into unity.

Fill us with your spirit,
    guide the steps we take;
may your wisdom lead us
    in the plans we make.
    here we take our stand.
May the faith we find here
    spread throughout our land.

* aroha is the Maori word for love

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall