A Royal Carol: From Additional Hymns.

Suggested tune: Alstone, C.E.Willing (A&M R  435)   

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A Royal Carol

The sunset sky flames red and gold,
a royal birth so long foretold
is celebrated, as a star
appears as signal from afar.

Day breaks in splendour on the earth,
– a special day, a special birth.
We join with angel choirs to sing
a song of welcome to our king.

Pohutukawa's crimson bloom,
gold wayside flowers, lupin, broom,
glow round our coasts, across the land:
– a canvas painted by God's hand.

We give our presents, greet our friends;
the warmth of love to all extends.
This is a time of goodwill, peace,
when fears diminish, hopes increase.

Now, like the Kings who travelled far,
whose faith was focused on that star,
may we with joy commit our days
to serve the King whose name we praise.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall