Out Of The Silence:  Dedicated to my good friend Ronald Dellow, composer, conductor, organist who has been a leading figure in New Zealand church music over many years and who set this hymn in 2003.

Ronald Dellow:

Ron is one of the great names in New Zealand Church music. As teacher, performer, conductor and composer, the founder of choirs, organiser of  festivals and choir schools, he has made an enormous contribution to New Zealand music. He enjoyed setting Jocelyn’s hymns because of the aptness of the words to music.  Ron died on April 12, 2004

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Out Of The Silence

Out of the silence a sound is emerging,
out of deep darkness a light starts to glow,
out of despair joy is felt by all people.
Advent returns and faith starts to regrow.

This is the season of anticipation,
promising peace and a healing of pain,
time for renewal, the fruit of gestation.
People are praying “Lord bless us again.”

Come with  your candles and come with your singing;
see how night’s shadows are fading away.
Watch, wait and listen for signs of day’s dawning,
heralding hope for the faithful who pray.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall