The Search For God: From A Singing Faith. 

Suggested tune: St Cecilia, L.G.Hayne (A&MR 262)

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The Search For God

Where can we find you God,
when hope and strength are weak?
The flame of faith fades fast,
we know not what we seek.

When can we know you, God,
creator, force divine?
We search to find your truth,
to learn your wise design.

How can we love you God,
intangible, unheard?
As humans we need proof,
requiring sign or word.

But you, in Christ, revealed
the life, the truth, the way;
you chose to live like us
and taught us how to pray.

Through Christ we are not lost;
direction we have found.
By love and faith sustained
we stand on solid ground.

Then keep us, God, like saints,
committed, steadfast, true,
your wisdom to impart
to all who search for you.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall