The Smile Of Christ: From More Hymns.

Suggested tune: St Peter, A.R. Reinagle (A&MR 192)

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The Smile Of Christ

Lord, may we smile as Jesus smiled
    as children to him came;
his smile encouraged confidence;
    he called them each by name.

Lord, may we smile as Jesus smiled
    at Mary's frightened face;
his smile was full of tenderness,
    his greeting full of grace.

Lord, may we smile as Jesus smiled
    at Thomas, racked by doubt,
who, brought to faith by sight and touch,
    spread Jesus' message out.

Lord, may we smile as Jesus smiled
    with kindness in his eyes;
none are excluded, all he seeks,
    the humble as the wise.

So may we spread the smile of Christ   
  wherever we may be,
reflecting his unending love,   
  his warm humanity.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall