Social Services Hymn: From 11 Hymns, Written for Social Services Sunday, July 27, 2003, at St Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton


Suggested tune: Aurelia, S.S.Wesley, (AM&R 255)

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Social Services Hymn

Throughout the generations, wherever there is need,
The work of Christ continues to match his words by deed –
to reassure the frightened, protect the aged and ill,
give shelter to the homeless, his teaching to fulfil.

There is no situation that loving cannot aid,
there is no urgent crisis, where progress can’t be made.
The hands of social workers take on a caring role,
providing health and healing to make the broken whole.

In refuge, home and village compassion is the key
that opens doors of safety where people can feel free –
where troubled souls are counselled, the hungry given food,
young people find, with guidance, their confidence renewed.

May all of us be ready to offer our support,
give of our time and talents, respond when help is sought.
So may the Church’s blessing sustain the work that’s done
and may God guide decisions on work not yet begun

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall