Synod Hymn:  From A Singing Faith. Written for any church gathering – not just a synod – and dedicated to Archbishop David Moxon whose ministry emphasises inclusiveness in the contemporary Church.

Suggested tune: St Peter, A.R.Reinagle (A&MR 192)

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Synod Hymn

As sisters, brothers, called by Christ
    to serve his Church on earth,
give us your gifts of wisdom, grace,
    respect for human worth.

    Give us the gift of charity
    that seeks the other's good,
the out-stretched hand of fellowship,
    accepted, understood.

Give us the courage to stand firm
    for principles held dear,
but open minds to seek new truths
    and question without fear.

From different cultures we are drawn,
    in differing tongues we speak;
but unified by Christ we stand,
    the strong to help the weak.

As members of one family
    are bonded yet unique,
accept our individual skills,
    direct the path we seek.

May we show forth by word and deed
    Christ's attributes and care,
that others may be drawn to him
    and in his Church may share.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall