That All May Be One: From A Singing Faith.

Suggested tune:Claudius, from G.W.Fink (A&MR 575)

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That All May Be One

Profoundly loved, divinely led,
    we follow in Christ's way;
the sacramental wine and bread
    sustain our faith each day;
yet often on our pilgrimage
    uncertainties assail –
by doubts oppressed, our courage gone,
    we hesitate and fail.

Christ, you who disappointment knew –
    betrayal, loss, denial –
give us, when weak, the strength from you
    to face our times of trial.
The pain we feel, mistakes that haunt,
    the obstacles we face,
misunderstandings, fears that daunt
    are conquered by your grace.

Immensely loving, strong, inspired,
    your Church on earth must be
if it fulfils, as you desired,
    your dream of unity –
that all your people may be one,
    divisions, conflict past;
your word proclaimed, your will be done,
    your kingdom come at last.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall