The Centrality of God: From A Singing Faith.

Suggested tune: The rhythm of this hymn is hard to match. It has been tentatively set to Keble, AMR 85

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The Centrality Of God

Creation is centred in God:
The world is a part of that plan;
The planets, our sun, moon and stars
Are timeless beyond mortal span
High mountains and depths of the sea,
the ends of the earth and beyond,
life cycles, the seasons, the tides:
all these to God's prompting respond.

Earth's people are children of God,
born equal, of infinite worth,
though hatred, war, famine, disease
make victims of many from birth.

 We all have potential to grow,
our God-given gifts to fulfil,
if lives become centred in you
responding like earth to your will.

Those blessed with the freedom of choice
to live in a country at peace,
must work for your kingdom on earth
so liberty, justice increase.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall