The Christian Paradox: From A Singing Faith. This for the late Revd Haddon Dixon, our S.C.M. chaplain in Auckland in the 40's and 50's, whose keen intellect stimulated endless discussion of Christian doctrine.

Suggested tune: Angelus  (A&MR 20)

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The Christian Paradox

There is no limit to God's love,
there is no boundary to God's care;
given the freedom to explore
we seek and find God everywhere.

With each new day our actions speak
more loudly than the spoken word;
may all our lives be lived in God,
by our good deeds Christ's voice is heard.

This is the paradox of faith
that by our giving we receive,
that in our weakness we are strong,
that through our doubting we believe.

Held firm as captives, we are free,
renouncing power, we can lead,
by serving others we are fed,
nourished according to our need.

We are Christ's body here on earth,
we are his voice, his hands, his feet.
May all our words and works proclaim
Christ, who makes every life complete.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall