The Earth Is The Lord's: From More Hymns

Suggested tune: Ellers, E.J.Hopkins  (A&MR 31)

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The Earth Is The Lord's

Earth tells, O God, of all your wondrous ways;
we see your majesty in mountain peak,
the surge of waves which crash upon the shore;
lightning and thunder of your power speak.

We feel your gentleness in parents' care,
in tenderness that soothes an aching heart,
in selflessness that seeks another's good,
humility that takes the lesser part.

Your wisdom shines forth from a scholar's eyes,
your music sings to us a song divine,
the steadfast hope which conquers dark despair
reminds us that your light will ever shine.

In every part of life we know you, God;
your presence dwells in each community;
you forge the bonds of friendship which we share;
you lead us on the path of unity.

Then may our lives reflect your light and love,
illumine every action of your church,
so we may take Christ's gospel to the world,
provide a lamp of truth for those who search.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall