The Many-faceted God: From A Singing Faith

Suggested tune: Was lebet, Rheinhardt Ms (A&MR 77)

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The Many-faceted God

God of solemnity, God of festivity,
make us aware of each aspect of you;
when we are worshipping, studying, partying,
may we be worthy in all that we do.

Christ, you were serious, Christ, you were radiant,
help us to balance each part of our life;
be in our fellowship, happiness, sorrowing,
guide our relationships, guard us from strife.

Spirit enabling us, Spirit transforming us,
give us that joy which is founded on you;
let us be sensitive, trustworthy, eager to
live lives creative, supportive and true.

Church of the wanderer, Church of the resolute,
Body of Christ on earth – your hands, your feet –
hold us, inspire us, refresh and encourage,
your gospel to live by, your work to complete.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall