The Way, The Truth, The Life: From A Singing Faith

Suggested tune: St Agnes, J.Langran (A&MR 116)

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The Way, The Truth, The Life

You, Lord, the way, the truth, the life revealed;
the love at our beginning, without end.
show us that way, your truth to us make plain;
throughout our lives sustain us as our friend.

We are the workers for your harvest, Christ,
those whom you seek to cultivate the field;
empower us as we labour at our tasks
that all our efforts bring a fruitful yield.

As, through the ages, you have called to serve
men, women, chosen for their various skills,
may we continue this great work of love
with dedicated purpose, eager wills.

Until at last our earthly course is run
and we continue in a larger sphere;
new life emerging from our mortal form
as fresh shoots from the fertile soil appear.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall